Alcohol Detox Lancaster

If you need urgent alcohol detox in Lancaster, we invite you to New Day Rehab Center for immediate clinical assessment, detox, and therapy. Quitting alcohol can be a life-changing experience and one that can turn ugly if you decide to walk on this path alone. For safe, comfortable, and reliable recovery from alcoholism, we advise you to consider our detox program for several reasons:

1. Safe recovery

People who resort to self-detox risk multiple health problems coming from dangerous drug interactions, unforeseen drug effects, overdoses, new addictions, etc. Self-detox is especially a problem with victims of alcoholism, who overwhelmingly turn to self-treatments before attempting any professional rehab treatment. Our Lancaster drug and alcohol detox treatment places patients in a comfortable and controlled environment, where our experts will administer targeted medication to counter the withdrawal safely.

They will remain alongside you throughout the detox treatment, making sure everything goes as planned. Our professionals can immediately intervene in case of complications, tweaking the treatment to ensure optimal results.

2. Increased comfort

The detox procedure is not comfortable by any means, no matter where you perform the procedure. But that doesn’t say there are no available ways to tapper off its impact. Our drug and alcohol treatment in Lancaster, PA, helps people recover and heal in a supportive and comfortable environment for sustainable recovery and healing. We believe that your physical, mental, and emotional comfort are paramount for long-lasting recovery, allowing you to focus all your energy towards the healing process.

3. Ensuring sub-acute detox

Most patients resorting to self-detox procedures are unaware of how the withdrawal functions. While you may be able to overcome the withdrawal’s most aggressive symptoms, its after-effects may linger for days or weeks after, especially when it comes to alcohol addiction. Our drug and alcohol rehab in Lancaster ensure premier sub-acute detox – a program designed to cope with these after-effects and ensure sustainable and safe rehabilitation.

This procedure is critical for preventing short-term relapse and building the foundation for a healthy and sober lifestyle moving forward.

4. Addressing co-occurring disorders

Our Lancaster detox centers promote a well-rounded rehabilitation experience, including detox and dual diagnosis treatment. Our professionals will ensure unsurpassed medical and psychiatric services to address any addiction-related mental problems that may sabotage your chances of long-lasting sobriety. It is a core component of our recovery system, relying on medication-assisted treatments and psychotherapy to achieve the perfect results over the 30-day treatment period.

5. Long-lasting sobriety and stability

Patients lacking mental, behavioral, and spiritual support during the rehab treatment will fail to preserve their sobriety over the years. This is why so many relapse within the first year following rehab, with many more following over the years to come. Our detox treatment center uses counseling and faith-based programs to promote strength of character, honesty, determination, and positivity as the tools towards a more balanced and sober lifestyle.

Call New Day Rehab Center for patient-oriented alcohol detox in Lancaster today! Our rehab specialists are available for discussion whenever you feel ready to share your story.

Alcohol Detox Lancaster