Residential Treatment Lancaster

Rehab centers offer addiction treatment to help people quit abusing alcohol or drugs and improve the quality of their life. This is possible when the treatment programs address all the issues that lead up to or are a result of substance abuse. Unfortunately, some rehabilitation facilities provide inadequate treatment within a short period, denying their guests the opportunity to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.

At New Day Rehab Center, we have a top facility for addiction evaluations and treatment in Lancaster, where we offer individualized treatment plans. Our staff delivers top-of-the-line residential treatment in Lancaster, paying attention to the challenges our guests face to ensure they don’t leave without receiving all the support and care they need.

Our Residential Treatment Center in Lancaster

Our inpatient or residential treatment comprises a 30-day program where we offer services to kick-start your recovery. At our center, we have a detox facility housing six residents at a time. This is where they stay as you receive detox treatment, which requires round-the-clock monitoring during the first three days when you’re at high risk of medical complications. Receiving detoxification at our inpatient facility gives you a good start when it comes to outpatient treatment in Lancaster.

The six rooms at our facility have shared bathrooms. There are two game rooms, a laundry room, and a modern kitchen. We’ve furnished all the rooms to offer maximum comfort and make you feel at home. We also have a medical room where our physicians tend to guests.

Besides our amenities, we provide personal hygiene products to new visitors. These include pajamas, shampoo, undergarments, and other personal effects, making settling in at our center easier.

As a guest, you’ll be given three meals a day but still, access snacks and refreshments throughout. To ensure you don’t get bored, we have entertaining outdoor and indoor activities. Gardening and corn hole are our two outdoor activities. Indoors, you can enjoy basketball, board games, puzzles, a pool table, and more. As you’ll learn from our Lancaster County addiction therapist, these activities are important in recovery since they allow you to relax and develop new hobbies crucial to your long-term sobriety.

Our staff also organizes reward outings to movies, bowling alleys, lakes, and other exciting destinations. This is how we encourage you to learn how to interact with others without relying on drugs or alcohol to have a good time.

Once every month, we sponsor a patient to receive treatment at our center. In that way, we support members of the community who are in dire need of addiction treatment but can’t afford it. Through our sponsorship program, guests receive Lancaster addiction counseling, therapy, and more for 30 days at our facility.

Unmatched Addiction Treatment for Lasting Sobriety

If you’ve been searching for ‘addiction counseling near me,’ you’ve probably found many rehab centers ready to take you in. We urge you to visit our residential treatment in Lancaster, where you can expect second to none programs offered by our leading addiction treatment specialists. Contact New Day Rehab Centers for the best addiction counseling and treatment in town: (877) 734-2244.

Residential Treatment Lancaster