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New Day Rehab Center - Addiction Treatment Lancaster CA

New Day Rehab Center is a premier 30-day program dedicated to helping our residents receive the treatment they need by creating and implementing personalized plans that combine support and therapy into one. Our Lancaster Addiction Treatment Center features all private rooms, daily gourmet food options and offers numerous therapy programs and counseling services at our treatment center to show our residents that we care and that we put their recovery first. We also believe in accessibility to these services for everyone in the area. This summer we have decided to give back and temporarily lower the cost of detox / inpatient rehab.

For a limited time we’re offering:

$5900 detox/inpatient rehab for 15 days

$99/hr outpatient rehab

Our team of caring and non-judgmental professionals uses modern therapeutic techniques and the latest research to help residents overcome their substance abuse. With our help, our residents can eventually transition back into society, and reunite with their family and friends.

Call or inquire now to discover how we can offer you low cost and affordable drug and alcohol rehab in Lancaster as well as all of Los Angeles County.

New Day Rehab Offers...


Our Therapy Programs

We focus on three main therapy programs: individual therapy and group therapy. With numerous therapy programs, New Day Rehab Center’s residents are treated by several therapists, giving them a higher chance of overcoming addiction. Check out each program so you can see what we have to offer.


Our Counseling Services

With a wide range of counseling services, New Day Addiction Treatment Center in Lancaster CA can help any resident overcome their substance abuse addiction. From substance abuse counseling to family and marriage counseling, we do it all. Our goal is to help residents face every facet of their new life.


Scholarship Opportunity

One of the best aspects of New Day Rehab Center is that, once a month, we take in a scholarship resident. This special resident can access our treatment center, therapy programs, and counseling services— at no cost.

Detox Facility Lancaster CA

New Day Rehab Center’s detox facility is where all the therapy and counseling treatments take place, but the treatment center alone is a haven for our residents. With a professional staff, unlimited activities and amenities, and an action plan dedicated to helping each resident, it’s no wonder that New Day Rehab Center helps so many. We can house up to six residents at one time, including one scholarship resident.

Benefits of Choosing Residential Rehab Treatment Away from Home

Choosing a residential rehab treatment facility away from your home city can be a pivotal step in your journey to recovery. Our center in Lancaster, California, located just northeast of Los Angeles, offers a tranquil and private setting that is free from the triggers and stressors of your everyday environment. By driving just an hour or two away from your familiar surroundings, you can create a peaceful space to focus entirely on your rehabilitation. This distance can help break old habits and provide a fresh perspective, which is essential for long-term recovery.

Our facility attracts individuals from various parts of Los Angeles and beyond, including some of the most affluent neighborhoods. People from areas such as Calabasas, Canoga Park, Valencia, Santa Clarita, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, Encino, and Pasadena find the separation from their everyday life beneficial. By choosing our center, you join a community of individuals committed to making a positive change in a serene environment, away from the distractions and potential triggers of home. The privacy and focus provided by our location are key components in helping you achieve lasting sobriety.

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