New Day Rehab Center’s Drug Detox Facility 

Though our California detox facility is where all the therapy and counseling treatments take place, the facility itself is considered a haven for our residents. Detox facilities in California like New Day are outfitted with a professional and caring staff, unlimited activities and amenities and an action plan dedicated to helping each resident overcome their addiction, it’s no wonder that New Day Rehab Center helps so many. We can help you deal with any and all detox side effects in a safe and comfortable environmental our drug rehab.

New Day Rehab Center’s detox facility is in Lancaster, CA, but we serve the entire U.S. The luxurious co-ed residential treatment facility focuses on substance abuse treatment but will meet our residents’ physical, mental and emotional needs. If a resident needs help getting to the facility, we will help them by offering unlimited transportation.

New Day Rehab Center Detox Facility

The 4,200 square-foot detox facility offers six single bedrooms with shared bathrooms, two game rooms, a laundry room and a modern kitchen with cutting-edge appliances. We also have a medical room to help our residents with any medical issues that arise.

Our Lancaster Alcohol Detox facility was designed to feel like home, so come and experience the New Day difference. We can help you.

We can help you safely handle any drug detox side effects in a comfortable environment

Detoxification Process and Medication Management: When most of our residents enter the detox facility, they don’t immediately start our therapy programs and counseling services. Upon their arrival, each resident meets with our licensed physician for a consultation to determine their physical needs and discuss their substance abuse history before starting the detoxification process and medication management. After this , our residents are given the time they need to complete detoxification. This process can range from three to 14 days, depending on the severity of their addiction. For the first 72 hours that a resident is at our detox facility, a team of medical assistants is on standby 24/7 to check the resident’s medical condition and vital signs. This team providing Heroin Detox in Lancaster CA is dedicated to ensuring that the resident’s detoxification process is going as smoothly as possible by offering medical and emotional support. Detoxification is a vital part of the recovery process, so we are there to support our residents at every moment.

detox facilities in california drug rehab
Detox facilities in California like New Day Rehab Centers

We help you safely and comfortably handle any drug detox side effects. After the acute withdrawal stage – the most dangerous part of the detoxification process during which toxins are safely removed from the body – has been completed, the lingering effects of withdrawal can last for days or weeks. Sub-acute detox treats patients for these lingering effects and symptoms, making it easier to focus on therapy, counseling and the recovery process. Sub-acute detox may involve tapering off any medications that were prescribed during the acute stage of withdrawal.

Detoxification Process and Medication Management

California Detox Facility Amenities and Activities

Drug detox side effects California rehab
California Detox Facility

Once residents are accustomed to the detox facility, they can access a number of amenities and indoor and outdoor activities. We believe that recovery doesn’t need to be boring or tedious, so we provide these resources to stimulate our residents.

New Day Rehab Center has a wide range of amenities for our residents. Along with three meals a day, we have unlimited refreshments and snacks, including juice, chips, cookies, fruits, vegetables, microwaveable meals and more. We provide undergarments and pajamas, along with hygiene products, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and more. Though we don’t allow marijuana on- site, residents are provided cigarettes and vapes for outside use.

Indoor activities include a pool table, basketball, a fitness center, board games, puzzles, arts and crafts and complete access to numerous TVs. Residents don’t have access to computers, but we do host virtual 12-step meetings for both Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. For outdoor activities, New Day Rehab Drug Detox in Lancaster CA offers gardening and corn hole. We also take the residents on reward outings to the movies, restaurants, bowling alleys, beaches, mountains, lakes and other locations. These trips are designed to let the residents socially interact, have fun and relax without depending on any substances, which helps them get accustomed to their new lifestyle.

Scholarship Opportunity

One of the best aspects of New Day Rehab Center is that, once a month, we take in a scholarship resident. This special resident who can access our treatment center, therapy programs, and counseling services— at no cost.

Detox facilities in California like New Day Rehab Center works with the local community to find a candidate who is serious about their detoxification process and recovery and detoxification process. Of course, this candidate should also want and wants to accept the open scholarship position. California rehab centers like New Day Rehab provide detox, inpatient rehab, and professional therapy.

To apply for our next scholarship opportunity, fill out the scholarship form and submit it for review.