Life Integration

Completing our 30-day program doesn’t mark the end of a resident’s recovery. At New Day Rehab Center in Lancaster California, we know that unless residents have the tools they need to rejoin society as a productive model citizen and reconnect with friends and family, all their work is for naught. That is why we offer a life integration service that focuses on helping residents achieve their desired lifestyle post-recovery.

By helping residents overcome their issues, New Day Rehab Center also helps residents avoid stressors. Stressors are a big cause for many people to relapse since they feel hopeless and unprepared. Thanks to New Day Rehab Center’s life integration service, that all ends starting now!

Workforce Integration

One of the most important parts of a persons life is their job. Helping residents integrate back into the workforce and find a new job is a vital part of the reintegration process. We do whatever we can to ensure that residents have a job lined up once they leave our detox facility.

Legal Help

Over the years, many homeless and addicted people have lost track of their Social Security card, personal ID, driver’s license or bank account information. These documents are critical when it comes to life integration, including finding a new job or re-establishing connections with friends and family. That’s why New Day Rehab Center offers legal help to residents in finding the correct legal resources they need. Whether we’re helping our residents reclaim their bank account, file for a new copy of their birth certificate or issuing an updated driver’s license, New Day Rehab Center is devoted to ensuring that their transition back to society is a smooth one.

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