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What is the importance of patient counseling?

Counseling is provided by licensed and trained professionals. It can make a powerful impact on the lives of patients, families and even the community as a whole. Therapy services help residents navigate difficult life situations often associated with clients suffering from substance abuse disorder. Inpatient counseling helps residence to regain the tools and insights to manage their mental health issues.

To best serve our residents, New Day Rehab Center offers a variety of professional counseling services in a healthy environment. These services are personalized for each resident and focus solely on facilitating their recovery and ability to reenter society. We combine modern therapeutic techniques and the latest research with a 12 step program to help residents overcome their substance abuse.

Inpatient Therapy for our residents

Inpatient Counseling
Inpatient Counseling

Though our main service is substance abuse counseling which includes drug and alcohol addiction, New Day Rehab Center also aids residents with anger management counseling, family and marriage counseling, mental health needs and life integration services. All of these services circle back to substance abuse counseling and helping our residents become productive members of society. All residents who complete their counseling services receive a certification of completion at the end of their stay.

Residents will receive a completion certificate at end of treatment.

Counseling has been prevalent since the beginning of time. It’s seen in everything from parents and grandparents advising their children to community leaders giving group guidance. These type of examples prove that counseling is a natural human experience. Modern science and medicine have allowed medical professionals to expand what therapy can do. Our inpatient counseling services are high quality and effective. We have individual therapy, group therapy, recreational therapy, and optional spiritual based counseling. California rehab centers like New Day Rehab provide detox, inpatient rehab, and professional therapy.

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