Individual Therapy

At New Day Rehab Center, we understand the importance of individual therapy for our residents. Speaking with a therapist one-on-one can be an effective way of discussing and analyzing addiction and coming up with strategies to overcome it. With New Day Rehab Center, we aim to make our residents as comfortable as possible by honoring and respecting their confidentiality during individual therapy. We never flaunt their mistakes or demean them for their past actions. Instead, our therapists focus on the future while giving them the confidence they need to overcome their addiction.

At New Day Rehab Centers in Lancaster California we provide the best individual therapy to each patient. Residents who have struggled with substance abuse disorders such as drug addiction and/or alcoholism can benefit greatly from one on one talks with a licensed professional.

Benefits of one on one Counseling include but or not limited to:

  • Handling a significant crisis in a healthy sober way.
  • Coping with an extended period of anxiety, frustration, anger, or depression.
  • Transitioning from a negative life style to a positive way of life.
  • Handling difficult or complex family dynamic.
  • Managing personal or romantic relationships in a healthy way.
  • Coping with addiction or substance abuse.
  • More positive mental and emotional health.

One of the keys to your success in recovery of a substance abuse disorder is Individual Therapy. Our patient and therapist develop a professional relationship in which the recipient is encouraged to work through their own trauma and grow and heal. One on one Counseling provides a safe space for the patient to expand on their thoughts, feelings, and worries. Furthermore this allows for a deeper understanding of the patients trauma and negative behaviors.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse disorder call us at New Day Rehab Centers today.

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