Anger Management Counseling

We often see anger management and substance abuse go hand in hand. Residents usually have some event or person in their lives that constantly pushes them to anger. Often, this can make residents rely on substances to cope with their frustrations. In turn, this can cause the resident to become even angrier while simultaneously strengthening their reliance on substances, creating a vicious cycle of abuse. That is why anger management counseling is so vital to the recovery and sobriety process.

What is anger management counseling for? Everyone Knows what feeling angry is like because it’s a natural human emotion. Every day people experience feelings like frustration, injustice, fear, and emotional pain. Anger can be easily triggered by these feelings when we don’t have healthy coping tools. For example a simple tool such as recognizing when we are starting to become angry from our physical responses. Physical responses that the body may exhibit when we are beginning to feel angry include but are not limited to an adrenaline rush, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and fast breathing.

Did you know that when you experience anger your brain will release a stress hormone as well as adrenaline and noradrenaline? This is a survival instinct because our physical response can lead to aggressive behavior intended to help us defend ourselves when attacked. Anger management counseling can help you redirect those feelings to respond appropriately in non-life-threatening situations.

Instead of fueling this drive, New Day Rehab Center teaches techniques on how to deal with, channel and express anger in a healthy manner. Anger is a natural emotion, but people often struggle to live with it peacefully. We help residents deal with their anger by using practical approaches and learning experiences.

Our anger management counseling also covers domestic violence. Call us today.

Anger Management Coun