Mental Health Services Lancaster CA

New Day Rehab Center offers mental health services to clients suffering from mental disorders, such as anxiety, depression or trauma. We understand that many mental disorders can lead to or exacerbate substance addiction, so we tackle the mind and the body together.

  • Anxiety

Anxiety is quickly becoming the most common type of mental illness. With anxiety symptoms ranging from nervousness and excessive worrying to difficulty breathing and chest pains, most people suffering from anxiety often have panic attacks and irrational fears that affect their everyday life. In turn, people start relying on drugs or alcohol to cope with these symptoms, but they aren’t treating the issue at its roots. We can provide peace of mind with our mental health service in Lancaster CA at New Day Rehab Center.

  • Depression

If anxiety is the most common mental illness, depression is a close second. Again, depression symptoms often cause people to rely on substances, as they can deeply affect the victim’s day-to-day. Symptoms range from sadness and irritability to feelings of apathy, worthlessness or hopelessness. People can even lose interest in activities that once brought them joy. Victims of depression are even plagued with thoughts of suicide. People suffering from depression are often low-energy and frequently have trouble sleeping.

  • Mental health services
    Inpatient Counseling


Whether from physical, emotional and mental abuse, sexual abuse, neglect or other harrowing events, trauma can affect a person throughout their entire life. Trauma symptoms include feelings like anger, sadness, fear, mood swings and an inability to form relationships with others. People with trauma often suffer from insomnia, instances of dissociation, and distorted beliefs. Let us help you overcome trauma with our mental health service in Lancaster CA at New Day Rehab Center.

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