New Day Rehab: Rehabilitation Through Science and Faith

New Day Rehab: Rehabilitation Through Science and Faith

, , - December 16, 2020

Christian rehabilitation center

There is something special happening at New Day Rehab. We know that people often turn to addiction when there’s an emptiness in their life that they are desperate to fill. Instead of seeking out a healthful remedy to their ailment, they seek out drugs, alcohol, and other addictions. When they fuel their addiction, they fill their hearts to the brim with it, driving away their loved ones. Addiction has an isolating effect on the victim which oftentimes drives them spiraling even further into the depths of their vice. All though it is not required for drug or alcohol treatment we do offer Christian based counseling at our rehabilitation center.

christian rehabilitation center
New Day Rehab Centers: Christian rehabilitation center

New Day Rehab Knows that Healing the Body isn’t Enough

At New Day Rehab, we extend a hand to victims of addiction by administering custom treatment plans. Our Treatment plans include a blend of individual, group and spiritual therapies as well as medications administered by board-certified doctors and therapists who specialize in addiction. Unlike other rehab centers, the teachings of Christ are at our center. We seek to not only heal the mind and body but the spirit, too.

When people get lost on the journey of life and fall victim to addiction, it’s simply because they sought to fill the void in their lives with God, but they didn’t find Him where they hoped He would be. Perhaps they even believe that they found God in the throes of their addiction. In reality, they’ve wandered from the path that God had chosen for them.

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New Day Rehab’s Christ-focused Mission

Our mission is to emulate Christ in all we do. Like Christ is the Good Shepherd, we desire to find His lost sheep and return them into the fold by setting them on the right path once more.

Not only do we seek to rehabilitate our residents, but we wish to ensure that they are able to independently step back into their lives outside of our facility, as well. To date, New Day Rehab has helped many residents reclaim their bodies, spirits, and lives through our custom science and faith-based treatment plans.

We can help you or a loved one regain control. Help is only a prayer and a phone call away. 

Written by Tony Moussa