Obsession, What To Do When You’re Obsessed?

Obsession, What To Do When You’re Obsessed?

- June 18, 2021

What is Obsession?

An obsession is a thought process that manifests itself in the mind according to 12 Step literature.  It is an idea that overcomes all other ideas.  The thought tells the addict that they cannot be happy unless they are using the substances(s) they are craving.  They never feel satisfied unless they are using drugs or alcohol however, the use is also usually not pleasurable.  The addict uses to satisfy a phenomenon of craving which originates in the mind.  Addicts obsessed with their drug of choice also rarely feels pleasure from using it.  The feeling is one of great intensity to use as much substance as fast as possible to try and obtain the desired feeling or result.  

Obsession, Addiction, and Harmful Outcomes

The practicing addict is attempting to achieve the feeling they experienced from the first time they used the substance.  This is not possible as over time the addict’s level of necessity of the substance increases. Over time and usage of the substance the addict’s tolerance level increases.  In other words, it takes more of the same substance to attempt to achieve the desired result.  

This puts into play the possibility of overdosing as the addict ingests more and more of the illicit substance.  Drugs purchased on the black market are cut with all kinds of harmful materials.  These unknown substances can be toxic and cause overdoses and even death.  Once in a while substances will be sold in a purer form.  Unsuspecting addicts use their usual dose.  This can also cause overdoses and death.  For example, Fentanyl regularly gets cut with heroin. 

How Obsession Grows to Addiction

Using drugs and alcohol is partially about relieving stress.  However, pleasure is short-lived. Usually, it lasts a maximum of twenty minutes.  The addict will still have a large quantity of the drugs in their system but may begin to look for more as the feeling they are getting is not achieving the high they are looking for.  The addict may realize the peril they are facing but will do their best to ignore these thoughts.  They again feel no pleasure from the substance and are using it to satisfy an obsession of the mind manifested by a compulsion to use.  They literally cannot stop until they run out of the substance (including alcohol) and cannot get any more of it at the time.  

As the drug begins to wear off withdrawal symptoms may occur which can be quite painful. There is restlessness, irritability, and discontent. However, if they procure more of their drug of choice they can numb these feelings again.  Still, with a large quantity of the substance in their system, they may use an additional portion of the drug which may prove to be fatal.  Only a sophisticated laboratory can detect the exact ingredients in a street or black-market drug.  

Things To Watch Out For

Unscrupulous dealers of substances also cut their products with dangerous ingredients. Poisonous chemicals are often mixed into substances to cut the purity.  Rat poison is a common filler for these substances. Typically, this is lethal.  The addict will use just about anything to stop the insidious cravings and physical pain associated with withdrawal from their drug of choice.  This puts them at the mercy of their supplier of illicit substances.  

In a sober person, an obsession can lead to a relapse.  The sober addict needs to be on guard for compulsive thinking which may lead to a return to using.  The 12 Step programs provide the addict with tools and behaviors which can ward off this type of obsessive thinking.  You can beat obsession by taking the 12 steps and applying them in your life, including going to 12 step meetings.  The 12 Step program has no corner on recovery and the addict may find a different type of program which helps to alleviate this deadly obsession. 

Written by New Day Rehab Center