Step 12

- December 10, 2022

Step 12 reads as follows: Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all of our affairs.  This step assumes that we have taken steps 1-11 already. The result of these first 11 steps is a spiritual awakening.  Page 25 of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous states that “we have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed.”  We have a newfound God consciousness at work within us.  We are finally able to shed the objectionable things which we had added to our personalities.  We are now the creature that God created us to be.  

As a result of our new altruistic way of life, we try to carry this message of recovery to those who will listen.  Page 96 gives us explicit instructions on how to go about doing this.  Our new attitude is one of happiness and great gratitude.  Pride has no place in our new life.  A lot of our selfishness and self-centeredness has also been done away with.  God makes this possible.  We became ready for him to take all of this mess away back in step 7.  

Practicing the principles in all of our affairs is another thing we must work at. The definition of “principle “is a “guiding truth.”  We come to live in a state of harmony with others.  We are not out to win every argument or always be right.  “Honesty, purity, unselfishness and love” are our guiding truths.  These were the “Four Absolutes” which our founders Bill and Dr. Bob followed.  If it worked for them well then it will work for me!  

We are going to make mistakes.  That is part of being human.  As alcoholics in recovery when we make one, we acknowledge it, make amends quickly if necessary and pick ourselves up and continue on our way.  We do not wallow in self-pity or throw in the towel.  Remember this is a journey we are on and there is no end in sight until our dying day.  Sure, it gets easier throughout the years to incorporate it into your day as well as all of the first 11 steps.  That is the beauty of accumulating time in the program.  The program begins to work us!  Granted we must stay on the right track and pursue spiritual matters fervently.  But God makes this possible.  Without his help we are doomed to an alcoholic death be it spiritual or physical, or both.  With the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, we are granted the keys to the kingdom.  We have come to believe that “He would like us to keep our heads in the clouds with Him, but that our feet ought to be firmly planted on earth (pg. 130).”

Written by Phillip