- January 25, 2023

Greed is another thing which besieges mental health sufferers.  We want more than our fair share of something without having to put out any effort to get it.  We feel a sense of entitlement to things of this world.  Greed is usually associated with money but there are all types of greed.  We can want more attention than we are getting.  We can want a college degree without working for it.  We may want a relationship without putting anything into it.  We may look to others to pay our  bills as we are too greedy to go to work and pay them ourselves.  We expect love and adulation from persons when we have done nothing to deserve it.

They say that the love of money is the root of all evil.  Not money itself, but the love of money is the root of all evil.  We have the Ponzi scheme players in the world.  We have the folks who falsify documents to get a bank loan.  We have people who greatly inflate their wealth to get better interest rates on loans.  There are people who grossly inflate expenses for nonprofits so that 10 cents on the dollar goes to the actual charity.  The price of oil is grossly inflated and this trickles down to the person putting gas in their vehicle to go to work trying to put food on the table.  

Greed can cause world wars as one country may decide it needs to control the land of another country and its resources.  Billions of dollars are spent and countless lives lost in these exercises of greed.  Just look at the losses experienced by the country of Ukraine in recent days.  Civilians, women, children and the elderly are mercilessly killed in the name of greed.  Those left behind are faced with hunger and starvation.  They may also not have an indoor place to sleep and have to try and sleep in the freezing cold.  Other countries are forced to take in countless numbers of refugees in the name of humanity.  We see this at our own southern border with Mexico.  We have thousands of refuges fleeing crime, torture, starvation and deprivation trying to get into the United States.  We turn them away in the name of greed as we do not want to pay for their housing or medical care.  In other words, we try to dehumanize them so that the person on the street will agree with the ill treatment of these human beings being propagated by the government and politicians.  All in the name of I, me, mine.  Organizations spring up trying to help these migrants, but the resources do not go far enough.  We have our Wall Street people who chatter in billions and go home to their lush home every evening.  They hardly give a thought to the suffering in the world brought on by greed.  Greed can be equated with an evil eyed monster.  It seems to cause more harm than most things when you look at the snowball effect that it has.  

Written by Phillip