- January 29, 2023


Faith can be defined as hope in something not seen.  It can also be defined as complete trust or confidence in someone or something.  Faith is a necessary component of the 12 Step program.  After being beaten under the lash of addiction and finding ourselves at a crossroads in our life we must make the decision to believe that this program can work for us.  We must have faith that we too can achieve sobriety and maintain this newfound gift.  

One may think it is only an assent of the mind to believe that needs to be made.  Well this mind set is truly necessary however, the saying goes “faith without works is dead.”  We cannot expect sobriety to be set on a platter in front of us.  There is much work to be done and it begins with taking the 12 steps.  The importance of going to 12 step meetings can be stressed here.  This gives us the opportunity to see firsthand others who have gone before us and are now staying sober on a daily basis.

By witnessing sober people, we are able to gain a measure of faith that this program could work for us too.  We hear stories of bottoms far worse than our own.  These people share how they gained sobriety and became productive members of the fellowship and society.  We begin to identify with what is being shared by sober members and this helps us to increase our faith in this program.  If we are to achieve sobriety there is work to be done.

Our first task may be to find a sponsor. A sponsor is a sober member that we may have identified with in their sharing.  A sponsor’s job is to take the new person through the steps.  We want to select a sponsor that has some sober time under their belt and a working knowledge of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  This person is to also be a closed mouth friend to whom we may share our innermost thoughts and secrets with and trust that they will not go any farther.  A sponsor usually gives us writing and reading assignments from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  They may have us write down our fears or else to make a list of all the things we are grateful for.  This gratitude list may be short at first, but it will increase with time.  

As we go through the steps we sense that our faith and trust in a Higher Power is developing and increasing.  Our anxiety levels decrease, and we are better able to function throughout our day.  The steps are designed to be taken in order and build on one another.  You can’t start at step 6 and expect results.  The steps must be taken starting at step 1 and finishing at step 12.  Once this has been completed we should be able to apply the program to our daily lives.  We find ourselves becoming happy, joyous and free as promised in the book.  All it takes to make a beginning is a little faith that this program can work for you too.  


Written by Phillip