- May 7, 2023

The reason I decided to pursue a career in mental health, substance use and recovery is based upon personal experience. I personally underwent treatment for substance use and mental health issues. My sobriety date is April 3, 1985. I have remained sober continuously since that day. I know how far down the scale my life had gone and realized what a miracle my recovery was. By studying psychology and focusing on marriage and family therapy I believed that I could be of service to others as they participated in mental health and/or substance use treatment. This proved to be true for me. I have seen hundreds of people recover from all sorts of addictions and mental illnesses. It is very gratifying to know that I have been a part of someone’s recovery. The reason I am interested in working with the Lionrock Recovery Program is to be able to work exclusively with the substance use population. I believe that in becoming a part of Lionrock Recovery I could meet new challenges while adding to my skill set and grow in effectiveness as a substance use therapist. I have approximately twenty years of experience working in mental health. Ten of those years have been in substance use recovery. I believe that telehealth is here to stay and using this modality we can reach more sufferers. I find telehealth counseling whether it is individual, group or a meeting to be very effective in helping people to recover from a hopeless state of mind and body. In other words, people find hope that they too can be freed from the lash of addiction.
My interest in serving a SUD population is that there is hope for everyone to recover and regain their lives. This is not only to regain their lives but to have better and more successful lives. Through programs like Lionrock Recovery participants are able to find the happiness they had been looking for. They discovered that their solution was not in a drink, pill, joint or needle. Most of them have tried and tried to regain that feeling they experienced the first time they used. This feeling was illusive and was never to be experienced again. The substances they were using to try and feel better turned on them. Eventually the addict must face their own inner demons or else resign themselves to a life of drunkenness and misery. The message I bring to persons in recovery is one of hope. Hope that they too can have a changed life and finally find the peace and serenity that comes with sobriety.
Why I am interested in pursuing a career in a telehealth training is that telehealth can reach more sufferers. They can pursue a program of recovery in their own homes or offices. This also allows for more privacy for those who need it. I am seeking to enhance my therapeutic skills in this modality of treatment. I believe the message of hope can be shared effectively on a telehealth platform. This is evidenced by the large number of people who became sober by attending online meetings during the pandemic. In person meetings were not available. Some people did not have the funds to pay for a treatment program outside of free online 12 Step meetings. The telehealth program enabled the message of hope to reach them in spite of unusual times.
I bring thirty-seven years of experience, strength and hope to Lionrock. I also bring 10 years of SUD experience. I am currently using the telehealth modality in the current facility that I am employed at. It is working very well. I have sponsored numerous people in my years of recovery. I am still in awe when someone grasps the treatment program and becomes sober. What I would like out of my time at Lionrock is an opportunity to continue to enhance my skills in working with this population. Being a person who has recovered from substance use, I have all the hope in the world that others can recover too given the right treatment and follow up programs. I believe I can be a part of that for Lionrock Recovery.

Written by Phillip