Came To Believe

- October 20, 2023


In dealing with the concept of a Higher Power the Big Book states that we came to believe, not that we came to know or figured out.  We must lay aside prejudice and believe that there is a Power greater than ourselves who will solve our problems.  The first problem to be dealt with is our drinking.  It usually takes some type of supernatural intervention to rid us of this drinking problem.  Think of it this way:  one moment I had to drink and the very next moment I did not want to drink any longer.  What happened in between those two moments?  This we have to take on faith.  It may appear to us that a miracle has occurred.  Indeed, this is probably true.  There is no human explanation for how we could turn away from the drink as we did.  

It is impossible for us to fully define or comprehend a Higher Power.  All we need to get started in the Step work is simply a willingness to believe in a Higher Power.  With this willingness we are able to commence our journey to sobriety and sanity.  In Step 2 we admit that we have been somewhat insane in our thoughts and actions.  It is this type of insanity that we must be rid of.  The Higher Power makes that possible.  

Our own conception of a Higher Power was sufficient for us to begin the journey.  You and I may have different opinions of what the Higher Power is.  That is perfectly OK in the taking of the 12 Steps.  We each choose our own conception of the Higher Power.  This is especially brought to our attention in “Bill’s Story” in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Bill’s friend was becoming frustrated with Bill’s resistance to a Higher Power that would solve his drink problem.  So, he basically blurted out “why don’t you choose your own conception of God.”  This gave Bill all he needed to begin to believe in a Higher Power.  From there a beginning was made and Bill became sober.  He did drink one more time after that but was placed in a hospital where he sobered up for good.  

For myself, my Higher Power is merciful, loving, happy, trustworthy, reliable and knows what is best for me.  I may not always agree with Him but usually I come around to his way of handling a situation.  Some people say they want justice.  I prefer mercy to justice.  If I had been given justice for some of the things I did while drinking I would probably be behind bars.  That’s why I prefer a merciful Higher Power.  I can turn to Him in any situation and ask for guidance and direction.  It aways comes, just not in my time.  But it does always come.



Written by Phillip